What is it?

Leech is a file synchronization tool designed for low administrative overhead. It auto-discovers other local machines and exchanges shared files. The user merely needs to run a node on each machine and setup logical sharepoints in order to begin automatically exchanging files.


Leech's closest cousin is rsync, but it differs in several ways:

  1. No master copy -- Each machine can manage its copy of a share independently.
  2. Constantly updating -- Each machines advertises its file contents and automatically exchanges new and changed files with its peers.
  3. Fault tolerant -- Leech handles clock skew differences, local file deletes, and crashed nodes. It is optimized for a network in which machines do not have a high uptime. (e.g., laptops, Windows machines)


Leech is currently in an alpha state. You can download it here.


Brian Elliott - bde isat sourceforge period net
Fredrik Breivald - breivald isat sourceforge period net